Company Managing Principles:
Your expectation,Our goal,
Your demand,Our work
Your business,our service.
Every work we do is to help you extend business and win-win from it. Not one-time work but our long-term relationship.

We manufacture and sell top quality products as well as cut down on costs with quantity production. Based on our advanced researching capacity, developing new products to our customers. So as to add the purchasing value for our customers.

Employees are deemed as the most important assets of our company. We employ those who are devoted to their work, who are good at learning and collaborating, who are in pursuit of excellence, so as to satisfy a sense of achievement, who are honest, fair and respectful to others, who are promoted for their good performance rather than their politics or background.

We could not develop without the top quality raw materials from our suppliers. We commit to built up a long term commercial alliance with qualified suppliers, as we target to become partners based on trustworthy and reciprocal relationship.

Missions of finance:
We operate our company on the strength of sound financial base. And make profits for the company and our shareholders, as well as create career opportunity for our employees.

As our leading style, we grant more physical rewards or mental recognition to the individuals or teams who make contribution to the success of our company. Such rewards will be offered to those who enjoy outstanding performance as well as those conscientious employees who experienced the growth along with the company.

Innovation is the motive power of company growth and we take active actions to make it come true. For the sake of standing out in the competition, we challenge ourselves with the experimental spirit. To anticipate new changes and to incubate such changes are of great importance to our existing businesses as well as our newly developed products or service.

Environmental protection:
SPRING plays an active role in a variety of environment friendly & public welfare activities, covering the utilization of green energy, environmental protection & energy saving, noise control, etc. We try our best to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in our manufacturing process and offer the products friendly to our environment and natural resources.