A Brief Introduction of VGA Cable

Update:12 Apr 2017

A VGA cable is a lead used to transmit a video signal a […]

A VGA cable is a lead used to transmit a video signal and is most commonly used to connect a computer to a display. Some high-resolution televisions also use this type of cable. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, which is the graphical standard used by IBM in the early days of the 1980s. Today, all PCs support VGA, but most PCs use more advanced systems, depending on the actual display being used.

In most cases, "VGA" refers to the type of cable used to carry the display signal. It has 15 pins on the plug, three rows of five rows. The plug has two screws, one on both sides of the pin, which are fixed in the socket. These screws have edges, meaning they can be tightened and loosened by hand, rather than a screwdriver.

Different VGA cables have different prices. More expensive models provide features such as gold-plated or shielded plugs to prevent interference. Many people think that these improvements are not large and are usually not worth the extra cost, but from an empirical point of view, the image quality of extremely cheap cables is much worse and the image quality of more expensive cables is much worse. Individuals should also purchase the shortest cable to meet their needs, as this prevents signal attenuation.

Except the computer, the VGA cable can also be applied in some game consoles to connect them to a computer monitor, which provides better quality images than older cathode ray televisions, especially for games with fine detail or small text.

Some high-definition televisions have VGA inputs and there is considerable controversy as to whether the analog signals carried by the video cable can be as good as image quality as digital signals, such as HDMI. Another problem is that some have multiple TV outlets have only advanced image processing capabilities for digital connection open. VGA cable prices are relatively low means that before it was decided to switch the screen or input device models to carry digital signals, this option may be worth trying.