Aluminum alloy cable and the advantages and disadvantages of copper

Update:05 Jul 2017

    Aluminum alloy cable slowly into the domestic marke […]

    Aluminum alloy cable slowly into the domestic market because of the shortage of copper metal resources, copper prices continue to rise. This aluminum alloy from the toughness, tensile strength, weight, are superior to copper, and in the case of the same current carrying capacity, aluminum alloy cross section only 1.1-1.2 times than copper. Prices are also lower than copper prices
   Copper core and aluminum alloy cable advantages and disadvantages of comparison:
   Copper core cable resistivity is low: aluminum core cable resistivity than the copper cable about 1.68 times.
   Copper core cable high strength: the allowable stress at room temperature, copper can reach 20, aluminum 15.6kgt / mm2.
   Copper core cable anti-fatigue: aluminum repeatedly bending easy to break, copper is not easy.
   Copper cable cable stability, corrosion resistance: copper core oxidation, corrosion resistance, and aluminum core susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.
   Copper core cable carrying capacity: due to low resistivity, with the cross-section of the copper cable than the aluminum cable to allow the current carrying capacity (the maximum current can pass) by 30% or so the copper cable voltage loss is low: the copper cable The resistivity is low and the same current flows through the same section. Copper core cable voltage drop. Therefore, the same transmission distance, to ensure a higher voltage quality; or, in the allowable voltage drop conditions, the copper cable transmission can reach a longer distance, that is, power supply area is large, is conducive to network planning, Number of power supply points set.
   Copper core cable heating temperature is low: the same current, with the cross-section of the copper cable heat much smaller than the aluminum core cable, making the operation more secure.
  Copper core cable low energy consumption: copper because of the low resistivity, compared to aluminum cable, the copper cable power loss is low, copper cable anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance: copper cable connector performance is stable, not due to oxidation And an accident occurred. Aluminum cable connector instability is often due to oxidation of the contact resistance increases, fever and accidents. Therefore, the accident rate is much larger than the copper cable.
   Copper core cable is easy to handle: because the copper core is flexible, allowing the radius of curvature is small, so easy to bend, easy to wear; due to copper core anti-fatigue, repeated bending is not easy to break, so easy wiring; and copper core due to high mechanical strength , Can withstand greater mechanical tension.