Analysis of the development of wire and cable industry under the trend of Internet

Update:12 Jun 2017

With the development of China wire and cable industry r […]

With the development of China wire and cable industry rapidly, 2016 will be China's wire and cable industry development, the quality is still the priority among priorities of the development of the whole industry, facing the pressure of excess capacity in the industry, the national "The Belt and Road" strategy and China equipment accelerated going out will provide new opportunities for China wire and cable industry, the cable industry needs to continue to improve the internal efficiency in quality".
At present, China's wire and cable industry market environment is very good, the quality of domestic steel and metal materials industry to further improve the import substitution, change the current our country only cable varieties reached the international market to accept and participate in the competition level, cable variety 70% need to improve the production level and the grade of the situation. In the past ten years, the wire and cable industry has spent nearly 100 million yuan for the purchase of wire and cable equipment, with an average annual investment of about 1 billion 500 million yuan. Steel and metal materials accounted for a large proportion of the main steel, special steel and alloy materials.
Energy Internet trends, the role of wire and cable should not be underestimated. Energy Internet simply means that by combining the Internet with wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, energy sharing can be easily realized. And wire and cable as the transmission of energy transmission belt, its role is not to be underestimated. Wire and cable play a very important role in China's manufacturing industry, and the average annual output value has exceeded 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan. Wire and cable are wire products that transmit power, electricity and other energy and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. With the rapid development of today's energy trends on the Internet, wire and cable industry to accelerate development, efforts to overcome the problem of overcapacity, but not strong, fully seize the Internet plus strategic opportunities, to achieve efficiency, intelligent manufacturing.
Energy transmission of the Internet has led to the further development of wire and cable industry, but also brought some challenges. From the point of view of development trend, the birth of energy Internet will lower the price of energy and make the energy production more localized. Therefore, the wire and cable industry must be bold and innovative, and actively explore, as far as possible to avoid the development of energy Internet disadvantage.
In 2016 China wire and cable industry will remain a high-end market vacancy, along with the development of Chaoyang industry, in an increasingly competitive industry, enterprises how to break out? Product quality, technology innovation, adapt to the market for the production of basic way.