Cable conductor

Update:23 Oct 2017

   The conductor is the path that provides the load cur […]

   The conductor is the path that provides the load current. Its main technical indicators and requirements:
Conductor cross-section and DC resistance: the current through the conductor due to the existence of resistance due to the conductor will produce heat, therefore, according to the amount of current transmission to select the appropriate conductor cross-section, the DC resistance should meet the specified value to meet the cable thermal stability requirements The
Conductor structure: the conductor is also the work of the cable high-voltage electrode, and its surface electric field strength of the largest, if there is local burr where the electric field strength will be greater. Therefore, one of the major technical problems to be solved in the design and production of the conductors and the use of the joints in the fabrication of the joints is to attempt to make the conductor surface as smooth as possible and to improve the distribution of the electric field on the conductor surface.