Causes and analysis of self ignition of cable quality problems

Update:06 Jun 2017

(1) Cable materials impure or unqualified, copper condu […]

(1) Cable materials impure or unqualified, copper conductor or aluminum conductor with impure cable core wire, cable conductor processing material should be of high quality electrolytic copper or aluminum version, first made of round wire, after acid cleaning treatment, when processed into the required diameter of bare copper by multi drawing (or bare aluminum) the conductor, and then through the vacuum bright annealing qualified for core wire in the forest, or around the insulating layer, through the multi package shielding layer, process for the finished cable sheath, because the core material is pure, containing impurities, the pilot power decrease.
(2)The nominal cross section of the cable core conductor does not meet the requirements. The core interface of the cable manufacturing plant is smaller than the nominal interface, and the unit current density is too large, which leads to abnormal heating and leads to cable ignition.
(3)Insulation material composition and processing does not meet the requirements of the cable, to bear the pressure drop in the operation, insulation resistance failure, easy aging and cracking, easy to produce the cable interphase short circuit and ground fault.
(4) Cable production process is poor, some cable manufacturers in the cable production process is not strictly in accordance with the operation of the process, or some manufacturers of poor production conditions, shoddy, will lead to cable quality decline,
(5)The cable is damaged due to improper transportation. The original qualified cable is out of order, and the transportation and loading and unloading process is improper. The cable is squeezed or impacted, and the inner core is damaged and the insulation is damaged.
In short, the cable line electrical equipment on-line, only choose good quality original installation, reasonable use, timely maintenance according to the procedures, strengthen the consciousness of fire extinguishing system, sound and installation of advanced fire alarm system and fire, will reduce the cable.