Grasp the wire purchase method

Update:20 Nov 2017

Wire is an indispensable home improvement in the basic […]

Wire is an indispensable home improvement in the basic building materials, but also an important part of concealed projects, whether the quality of the electrical clearance is directly related to the effect of decoration and electrical safety. Therefore, in the purchase or selection of wire, how to quickly and accurately check the quality of wire is good or bad, we are eager to understand the knowledge.
1, see the packaging
See the package has a complete certificate, certificate should include the specifications, the implementation of standards, rated voltage, length, date, factory name and other complete information. See whether China Compulsory Certification "CCC" and the production license number; to see whether the quality system certification; see the certificate is normative; see if the wire is printed with trademarks, specifications, voltage and so on.
2, check the wire size
Determined in the relevant standards, the length of the wire error can not exceed 2%, the diameter of the cross section can not exceed 0.02%, but there are a large number of short on the market less than two pounds, the phenomenon of fraud on the cross section.
3, look at the color of copper
Qualified copper wire copper core should be purple, shiny, feel soft. The shoddy copper core copper black purple, yellow or white.
4, see the insulation rubber
Fake cable insulation looks very thick, in fact, mostly made of recycled plastic, as long as a little hard squeeze, the squeeze will be white, and the powder falling.
5, see the wire weight
Good quality wire, usually within the designated weight range. Such as the commonly used cross-sectional area of 1.5mm2 plastic insulated single copper wire, weight per 100m 1.8 ~ 1.9kg.
6, look at the size of the wire core
Several cores generally refers to the cable, it refers specifically to the insulation within the skin there are several insulated wire, there are a few is the core, if not insulated from each other, how many are considered a core. Two core refers to the two insulated wires together, generally used within 220V household appliances. There are two types of three cores, one is a two-phase three-wire system, one is three-phase three-wire system, four-core three-phase four-wire system, three firewire, a zero line,
7, look at the brand
Famous brand, of course, superior quality. Therefore, the time of purchase, the best choice of reputable brand products. Because only the big brands will cherish their own brand image and brand value, will not do false propaganda, but also pay more attention to quality and service.