How to Choose HDMI Cable

Update:15 May 2017

HDMI purchase should focus on the quality of the wire i […]

HDMI purchase should focus on the quality of the wire itself and the interface of the workmanship.

Selection of raw materials. Good wire, the core is all copper, and low-cost bad for the copper-clad steel. Wire is divided into 24,26,28 and 30 several lines, the smaller the number, the thicker the diameter, the better the effect. 5 meters below the wire is considered a short distance transmission, select the 28 and 30 lines can be.

Production Process. Insulation of the outer layer of wire insulation is closely related to the transmission quality, low-grade foam production equipment as long as 10 million, high-grade equipment up to 16 million yuan, the quality difference between the poor.

Shielding effect. Low-end equipment, the production of HDMI cable, shielding effect is only 80 ~ 85%, while the high-grade wire shielding efficiency of 95%.

Line sense. Pay attention to line flexibility, should not be too light, but not too hard. And can look at the wire interface at work, can not appear exposed copper, exposed lines, water lines like.

Magnetic ring. 5 meters above the wire at both ends of the best with a shielded magnetic ring, better anti-interference ability, especially the transmission 1080p and other high-frequency signals, the role of the magnetic ring is more obvious;

Whether the wire outside the woven network is not important, woven mesh mostly nylon material, can play a beautiful, wear-resistant role; so long-distance choice of the line to be very cautious. Wire core material must choose the whole copper, weaving is best 96 or more, and weaving are copper rather than aluminum, shielding better. Can not only look at the external thickness of the line, a lot of looks very thick line, but the skin PVC thick, in fact, are 28 lines or even 30 lines, simply can not transmit 1080P signal. 10 meters above the HDMI cable transmission 1080P signal, the best is the 24 line, at least to ensure that the 26 line. If you use the HDMI cable to transmit more than 20 meters of the signal, it is recommended to use HDMI signal amplifier (Y-5110), HDIM network extender (Y-5115). Long-distance transmission, in the transmission 1080i or 720P signal, the difference is not big, but the transmission 1080P signal, the requirements of the wire is very harsh, if the quality of the line, however, ranging from the screen jump, large erythema phenomenon, The