How to distinguish the quality of LED lights

Update:12 Jul 2017

   Indoor LED is mainly divided into: lamp, bulb, lamp […]

   Indoor LED is mainly divided into: lamp, bulb, lamp cup, LED integrated downlight, integrated LED rail spotlights, grille lighting and other products integrated LED downlight, ceiling light after installation, not bright When the lights on the flower board is a look at the whole plane, some owners prefer, and there is no traditional light bulb light reflected by the glare, but also more special, LED guide lights are mainly in the focus on lighting, , Color, energy saving and not the most annoying heat and other very superior features. Here is a note to note that the integration of the downlight, spotlights if there is a bad light when the lights must be the whole change, rather than we usually use, just turn the light down, for a go on the line.
   LED lighting cost accounting, LED light source by: light source module, lens, shell (including shade and radiator), built-in power supply, lamp cap.
   As shown in Figure 1, the light source module is the light source of the entire light source, the market mostly use a number of small power plug LED device welding on the circuit board role of light source module (2010 or in-line LED lamp beads Mainly made of the light source module, as most of the live LED lamp beads are used epoxy resin and stent package, the light is relatively serious, poor heat, has no one to use). Although the LED is a solid lighting device, looks particularly strong, but in fact the LED is very squeamish, it is afraid of heat, fear of static electricity, so that it works long under high temperature, it will not take thousands of hours it will die.
   The power is mainly AC and DC conversion, high and low voltage conversion, if it is constant current power supply can also play a constant current, the normal work of the LED, resistance to pulse current, improve LED stability and extend the role of life.
    The lens is mainly secondary optical design, the light angle, the smooth surface to adjust. (Lens variety, mainly based on the specific application direction to select the lens)
    As shown in Figure 4, the shell is to play the main heat dissipation, the radiator of the larger surface area, the better the cooling effect, generally as the shell material is a very high thermal conductivity of the material, from the thermal performance, the best Thermal materials are: ceramics> aluminum alloy> plastic.