Is the thickness of the wire and cable sheath thicker?

Update:25 Aug 2017

   General product quality is good or bad, the pros and […]

   General product quality is good or bad, the pros and cons, the first feature is reflected from the appearance of the product quality.No matter what kind of products, or semi-finished products, in the production must pay attention to the appearance of quality, its strict control and inspection.
The appearance of the cable is the appearance of the cable, the appearance of which is smooth and rounded, uniform gloss, no deviation (no more than the specified deviation), no mechanical damage, flattened, no visible visible debris, bubbles, trachoma, Section, twist and so on. In addition to meet the quality requirements of the jacket, the sheath thickness of the cable quality also have a certain impact.
Sheath thickness below the standard requirements of course is unqualified, but the thickness exceeds the standard requirements, but also unqualified.
     The reasons for their failure are the following:
1. Reduce the service life.
   After the cable laying, will be a long time power, power will produce heat, the conductor allows the working temperature of 70 ℃, PVC long-term use temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, if in summer, the working temperature will rise, these temperatures will be outside The thickness of the sheath is increased and the heat energy is difficult to be distributed. It will affect the service life of the cable. Because of the effect of PVC under heat, the insulation layer undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes, and the original excellent performance , Resulting in a significant decline in insulation performance, or even short circuit, affecting the normal operation of the unit.
2. Material performance defects.
   Material performance is not reflected by the thickness, in accordance with GB8815-2002 standard requirements, that one of its indicators are not compliance, flame retardant PVC material, then its oxygen index of less than 30.
3. There is a problem with the cable structure.
   If the conductor, insulation, weaving density, in accordance with the standard requirements of control, select the appropriate filler to make it round, so how can the jacket so crowded?
4. Increased cable laying difficulty.
   Now the cable laying to the bridge or pipe-based, and now many companies are in the implementation of cable requirements tight, small diameter, in the laying process can have gaps, heat distribution, to ensure that the cable jacket is not damaged, otherwise, to the construction unit And cable laying to bring some difficulties.
In summary, the thickness of the sheath is not necessarily the thicker the better, should be in accordance with the standard control, so that both enterprises to save resources, reduce material consumption, increase profits, but also to ensure cable quality and create quality and cheap products.