Materials for wires and cables

Update:03 Jul 2017

1, in a sense, the wire and cable manufacturing industr […]

1, in a sense, the wire and cable manufacturing industry is a material finishing and assembly industry. Is a huge amount of material, cable materials in a product cost for the total manufacturing cost of 60 to 90%; two is very much the material category, variety, performance requirements are particularly high, such as conductors with copper, copper purity requirements in more than 99.95%, some products have high purity oxygen free copper; three the selection of materials for manufacturing process, product performance and service life have decisive influence. At the same time, the benefits of cable manufacturing enterprises are closely related to the selection of materials, processing and production management, and the scientific saving of materials.
Therefore, in the design of wire and cable products, the choice of materials must be carried out at the same time, the general choice of several materials, through the process and performance screening test to determine.
2, cable products used materials according to their use of parts and functions, can be divided into conductive materials, insulation materials, protective layer materials, shielding materials, filling materials. Some of these materials, however, are of several structural components, such as copper wires and Copper Tapes Used for shielding, as well as copper for conductors. Especially the thermoplastic material, such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other ingredients can be used as long as the change in the insulation or sheath.
3, cable products used in manufacturing materials involved in a wide range of varieties, specifications (brands) in particular
4, because the cable product function, application environment and conditions of use for a while the myriads of changes, so the material has its basic properties, but the (common) series, varieties of products will have some special properties (properties). For example, the common requirements of insulation wires for power systems and cables are high electrical insulation performance.
Such as for high-voltage power cables, it must be stressed that the material can withstand very high electric field strength, with high insulation resistance, requiring small dielectric loss, and requires almost no impurities in the insulating layer (including air gap). The medium voltage power cable (635kv) has these requirements, but the extent can be reduced a lot. As for low-voltage wire and cable only requires a certain compressive strength and insulation resistance, and for the economical, portable, requires good mechanical insulation and weather resistance, so that it can not support layer in many cases (such as PVC plastic insulated wire).
5, because the material plays a key role in the performance of the product, but also because of many kinds of materials cover a wide range of knowledge, the same name as the molecular weight of material base material molecular structure, distribution of different mixtures with different agents with different proportion, therefore, there are many brands and recipes. As a result, various brands of materials have different technological conditions, and the finished products have very different properties. So the cable manufacturing enterprises must characteristic requirements of production workers familiar with commonly used materials in this process, the strict implementation of process procedures, requirements of inspection departments to strengthen the incoming materials and their preparation materials, strict quality control.