Matters needing attention of intelligent cabling weak current cable

Update:26 Jul 2017

   Telephone lines, network lines, cable TV lines and a […]

   Telephone lines, network lines, cable TV lines and audio lines are called weak wires. With the intellectualization of family life, the preset of weak current line can not be ignored.
Home decoration, telephone lines, network lines, cable TV line layout, we should pay attention to the following points:
   1., to avoid strong wire: weak signal is low voltage signal, anti-interference performance is poor, so weak wire to go line should avoid strong wire (power line). National standard stipulates that the  power line and socket and TV lines and sockets horizontal spacing should not be less than 50 cm.
   2., pay attention to moisture-proof: sockets below the line to about 30 cm away from the ground is appropriate. In general, these weak wire often on the roof or floor wiring, so in order to moisture-proof and easy to replace, outside of these lines are casing with strong, and in the casing plus check before line is open or short.
   3. set aside enough considering the family life development and the needs of the general living room, each bedroom should be reserved for embedded telephone line, network cable, cable jack each 1~2, and distribution in different wall, to facilitate electrical display position change. Bathrooms, kitchens can also consider whether to reserve a telephone jack, the restaurant may also consider whether to reserve a pre TV jack for dinner to watch tv.
   4. centralized control: with the advent of the Internet and the information age, it is common for a family to install two phones or multiple machines to access the internet. To ensure the quality of docking and maintenance, it is better to design a centralized control unit for home telephone lines and network lines.
According to the network line into the room to choose the location of the foyer, corridor, etc. The study above a certain place, the design of a small box (such as the shape of the power distribution box), all external families into the telephone line, network line, cable line reached the line box, and the phone jack, Jack, jack cable TV network every room in the home line must reach the line box, can according to the needs of families online connection box.
   To ensure the quality of the signal, it is necessary to add a TV signal multiplex branch adapter in the online box. If a number of computers in the home are connected to the Internet, a network hub is also needed!