Seven tips for identifying faulty cables:

Update:17 Jul 2017

   1, look at the label printing, illegible writing, un […]

   1, look at the label printing, illegible writing, unknown address. Refers to read labels and printed words on the insulating sheath, if there are typos or printed words shades, fuzzy, to attract attention.
   2, with hand twist insulation leather, fade, drop word poor quality. Refers to the finger rub insulation jacket, some poor insulation cable jacket is easy to fade, especially the red line will appear this kind of problem, by rubbing fingers after leaving skin color or line printed words on the online skin erased general is inferior line.
   3, then nail row, pinch line, draw off, the general assembly. Refers to the nail scratch, pinch insulation insulation, can be drawn down, pinch down a piece, usually inferior line.
   4, repeatedly bending insulation line, three to four times to break. Refers to repeatedly bend insulation wire, bad line insulation layer general material is very poor, bending 3~4 times, its insulation layer will break.
   5, use fire wire insulation, leave the fire line spontaneous combustion. Refers to the insulating layer, from the naked flame after spontaneous combustion is inferior line.
   6, core common aluminum and copper, the color becomes dark color light. Refers to the line core color, inferior line color is gray and no metal luster.
   7, the amount of fine inside and outside, in weight watch pisong. Is that if the above 6 methods can not be determined, but also can measure the insulation wire diameter and core diameter, the allowable error is + 10%, if the measured value exceeds the allowable error, basically is inferior insulation wire.