Special cables and their types

Update:15 Sep 2017

    The type of wire and cable with the application of […]

    The type of wire and cable with the application of the field has been expanding and more and more fine classification, in many special areas of the application of wire and cable has a special and special requirements, special cable is an increasingly large branch classification.
   So what is the special cable? Special cable is equivalent to a wide range of ordinary wire and cable, is a series of unique structure and special performance of the wire and cable products, general special cable has a more stringent use of the environment, high technical content, the use of relatively common Wire and cable slightly smaller, higher value added some common features. Special cables often use new structures, new materials, new design calculations and new production processes.
   Use more special cables with fire cables, heating cables, green cables and so on.
   1, fire cable
   Common fire-resistant cables are ABHBRP and AFHBR type, which has a high fire resistance, to withstand the direct combustion of the flame, in a certain period of time does not occur short circuit and circuit failure, therefore, in the event of fire, the safe operation of the system , Is conducive to fire and reduce losses, long-term working temperature -40 ℃ ~ 500 ℃. Often apply to large-scale construction, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity and other requirements of high fire safety occasions, electrical equipment connection.
   2, with heat cable
   Heating cable, also known as heating cable, for long pipelines, containers, storage tanks and other high-power output of antifreeze, insulation, pouring, with heat, for ordinary areas, dangerous areas and corrosion areas. The heating cable can rely on its own power to send heat, temperature uniformity, not overheating, safe and reliable, but also has the energy saving, heating up fast, easy installation and maintenance, easy automation management, no environmental pollution and so on.
   3, environmental protection cable
   The main features of the environmentally friendly cable are the production and discharge of harmful substances in the manufacturing process. The final product does not contain any substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that are prohibited in the ROHS Directive. , There is no pollution to the environment, healthy, beneficial environment and renewable treatment.