Specification for wire connector connection

Update:01 Nov 2017

In the home improvement should not have a joint, especi […]

In the home improvement should not have a joint, especially in the tube can not have more joints, if the connector should also be in the wire box. Ordinary wire connectors are such a connection, in order to ensure that the wire connector does not occur ignition, short circuit, and poor contact with the phenomenon.

Used in the hanging items, or relatively high-energy projects, the main line can not be broken, the line around the main line 6-8 weeks, the ceiling of the spotlights, along the way there are a lot of lights is connected, In the inside of its role is to prevent the fire to burn things it is very important in the ceiling, the outside wrapped with insulating tape.

The method is the most standardized and practical, but it requires special tools to do, the pressure line to take the crimping pliers to pressure lines, the pressure line with the special pliers, set in the pressure line to take On the hard pressed on the line.

Also say that the size of the pressure line according to the size of the pressure by the number of roots and the number of commonly used is the T4 type, that is, diameter mm, can press four square feet of four wires.

We have seen a lot of wire accidents, some of which is caused by the use of overloaded wires, and the other part is caused by loosening of the wires.

The wiring box inside the connector does not meet the specifications, the wire from the load case, no matter what, as long as a push on the gate will trip, and the wire junction box will be "flap" several times the fire, then There is a jump sound, this phenomenon is entirely due to the wire connector is not standardized, the voltage in the case of load, poor contact caused.