Structure and Application of Oil - resistant Anticorrosion Cable

Update:24 Aug 2017

   Anti-corrosion  cable is a special anti-static oil m […]

   Anti-corrosion  cable is a special anti-static oil measuring cable, anti-static oil resistant special measurement cable, by the multi-strand copper conductor, polyfluoride plastic insulation, TPV thermoplastic elastomer inner jacket, galvanized steel wire reinforced layer, The TPV thermoplastic elastomer inner sheath is extruded in a multi-stranded cable and extruded in a multi-strand copper conductor. In the TPV thermoplastic elastomer, Galvanized steel wire bearing reinforced outer layer extruded polyurethane base outer sheath.
    Oil-resistant anti-corrosion cable for oil, chemical, power generation, metallurgical and other industrial and mining enterprises, in high temperature, low temperature and acid, alkali, oil, water and corrosive gases in the harsh environment for electrical instrumentation, automatic control system signal transmission line, Indoor, non-strong stress relief or forced to guide the occasional movement of the installation, as well as industrial use of the occasion of the occasional bending movement occasions, such as woodworking, machine tools, grinding machines. The
    Oil-resistant anti-corrosion cable is one of the special cables for electronic computer system. It is a kind of auxiliary product which is urgently needed for the construction of modern industry. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, computer, instrumentation and automation of power industry, metallurgical industry and petrochemical industry. Detection equipment and other information processing equipment signal transmission and control system. Oil resistant anti-corrosion cable Features: waterproof and oil, cold, flame retardant, conventional operating temperature of 40 degrees.
    Anti-corrosion cable structure: Conductor: multi-strand fine twist no twisted copper wire, in line with VDE0295CLASS5 standard insulation: special mixed PVC insulation. Color: 5 core or less brown, black, light blue, black or brown, yellow and green is greater than or equal to 0.5mm black digital white code, 5 or more with yellow and green ground (yellow and green optional). Jacket: Special modified oil resistant PVC jacket black (RAL9005) gray (RAL7001) Rated voltage: 300 / 500V. Operating temperature range: fixed installation: -40 degrees to 105 degrees. Mobile installation: -5 degrees to 70 degrees. Minimum bending radius: fixed installation: 4 * cable external. Mobile installation: 15 * cable outside diameter. Corresponding to UL specifications up to 16AWG, the voltage is 300 / 300V 80 degrees. The actual production model is RVV (oil).