Talking about the Storage of Cable

Update:04 Sep 2017

   A cable is a device that uses metal as a medium to t […]

   A cable is a device that uses metal as a medium to transmit electrical signals. The current application of a wide range of areas, how to store it?
   1. Under the roof: the monitoring cable only in the direct exposure to sunlight or ultra-high temperature, the standard  cable can be applied, it is recommended to use the pipeline.
   2. Exterior wall: to avoid direct sunlight and artificial damage to the wall.
   3. Suspension Application Overhead Cable: Consider the cable sag and pressure. What kind of bundling method is intended, and whether the cable is exposed to direct sunlight.
   4. laying directly in the underground cable trench: this environment is the smallest control range. Installation of cable trenches should be carried out on a regular basis for drying or wetting.
   5. Underground pipes: In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement and isolation from the surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipeline isolation, auxiliary pipeline is a better way. But do not expect the pipe will remain dry forever, which will affect the choice of cable type.