Teach you to visually identify the quality of wire and cable

Update:11 Sep 2017

   How to judge the quality of wire and cable from the […]

   How to judge the quality of wire and cable from the intuitive? This is not an easy thing to teach today to teach you from the intuitive to determine the quality of high temperature special wire and cable. We can start from the following aspects:
   One: conductor characteristics
1. Conductor surface should be round and smooth, the coating is continuous and uniform
2. Conductor surface should not have triangular mouth, burr, crack, kink, fold, inclusions, scars, linen, mechanical damage, corrosion spots and other defects
3. Conductor color uniform, bright, should not have excessive oxidation traces.
4. Conductor cross-section size is sufficient, no loss side.
   Two: insulation and jacket features
1. smooth surface round, shiny uniform, there should be no obvious pimple, bubbles, burnt things.
2. Insulation (sheath) uniform thickness, not eccentric.
3. No mechanical damage and flattening.
4. The layers of material should not be adhered.
   Three: other features
1. Metal shield should be continuous, overlapping, tight around the package, no sharp corners, curling, leakage and so on.
2. The cable pitch is suitable and uniform.
3. filled with full, cable rounded.
4. Wrap should overlap, there should be no curling, missing and so on.
5. Cable shape should be rounded, no crushing, snake-like bending and so on.
6. There should be no trace of the inside of the cable.