The difference between wire and cable

Update:25 Oct 2017

  Wire   The wires are made of one or several soft wire […]

  The wires are made of one or several soft wires, with a soft jacket, a conductive metal wire for carrying current. There are solid, twisted or foil braided and other forms. Insulated by the situation is divided into bare wires and insulated wire two categories.
  An insulated wire consisting of one or more insulated conductive wires disposed in a hermetic sheath. Which can be added to protect the cover, for the transmission, distribution of electricity or transmission of electrical signals. It is the difference between ordinary wire and cable is the larger size, the structure is more complex. The cable is mainly composed of four parts: conductive wire, insulation, sealing jacket and protective cover. According to its use can be divided into power cables, communication cables and control cables. 

  Tips: for the circuit decoration of the wire we usually collectively referred to as wire and cable, wires and cables and no strict boundaries. Home improvement generally do not need to use the cable, wire to meet the requirements.