The main cause of mechanical damage to the cable

Update:09 Oct 2017

   The cable failure caused by mechanical damage accoun […]

   The cable failure caused by mechanical damage accounts for a large proportion of cable accidents. Some mechanical damage is very slight, did not cause a failure, to a few months or even years after the injury was developed into a fault. The main causes of mechanical damage to the cable are:
   (1) damage during installation. The installation of careless bruises the cable; mechanical traction too large tensile cable; excessive bending damage cable.
   (2) directly by external damage. In the installation of the cable path or near the civil construction, the cable directly by external damage.
   (3) The vibration or impact load of the vehicle will also cause the lead (aluminum) of the underground cable to crack.
   (4) damage caused by natural phenomena. Such as the middle connector or the end of the internal insulation of the plastic expansion and expansion of the shell or cable jacket; installed in the nozzle or bracket on the cable skin abrasion; due to land settlement caused by excessive tension, pull off the middle connector or conductor.