The main process of wire and cable

Update:08 Aug 2017

   Wire and cable are produced by drawing, stranding an […]

   Wire and cable are produced by drawing, stranding and coating. The more complex the model, the higher the repeatability of the three specifications.
   (1) pull the metal under the action of the external force, through the mold (pressing wheel), the metal cross sectional area is compressed, and obtain the required cross-sectional area, shape and size of the technical processing method, known as metal drawing.
   (2) stranding, in order to improve the softness and integrity of the wires and cables, let more than 2 single wires interweave together in the prescribed direction, called stranding. The twisting process consists of conductors, stranding, cabling, weaving and winding.
   (3) coating according to the different performance requirements of wires and cables, special equipment is used to cover different materials outside the conductor. Coating process: A. extrusion package: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials. B. longitudinal package: polyester film, aluminum plastic composite film and other strip materials. Rubber C. wrapping: Ribbon paper tape, mica tape, alkali free glass fiber belt, non-woven fabric, plastic belt, etc.