VGA Cable - A Common Cable in Daily Life

Update:04 May 2017

Shopping for a new cable to affix your computer or vide […]

Shopping for a new cable to affix your computer or video accessories calm isn't as complicated as abounding humans think. In fact, a lot of humans are at atomic somewhat accustomed with the added accepted cables, even if they don't apprehend that they are. One absolute archetype is the VGA cable. If you've anytime bought a new computer and set it up, you've apparently acclimated one of these before.

Basically, a VGA cable is the one used to connect your computer monitor to your computer tower. They're among the most common types of cables out there today, though modern computers have begun to switch to an HDMI cable to allow for HD monitors to work their best.

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. The cable relies on a series of 15 pins laid out in 3 rows. These connectors are also found on numerous HD television sets today so that computer users can connect their PC or laptop to their big screen if they desire. Additionally, a VGA cable will usually include a screw on either side of it. The cable is plugged into the jack and the screws are tightened down to secure a solid connection that won't slip off.

There's a big difference between a quality VGA cable and a budget one. High quality cables use coaxial style wiring and better insulation than cheaper types, and as a result there's less of a risk of signal degradation. Degradation can lead to reduced image quality, though in many cases the user won't be able to tell that the image has suffered. Only experienced users will spot the difference.

It's important to understand that length can make a big difference in the quality of your images as well. A long cable could run the risk of the previously mentioned degradation, and if ran in a bundle with other cables it could also suffer from 'ghosting', wherein the signals in other cables bleed into its signal and hamper performance.

Finally, remember that there are a number of adapters available as well. It's possible to find DVI to VGA or DMI to VGA so that you can connect your computer to numerous types of screens, TVs, and monitors. provides much more cable and the right one for you.