Wire and cable use: do not pay attention to the selection of cheap

Update:21 Aug 2017

   It is understood that wire and cable users to seek c […]

   It is understood that wire and cable users to seek cheap products and improper selection, is caused by electricity accidents and the main reason for waste.
   Covet the wire and cable cheap, is a considerable part of the user, and even some companies use wire and cable there are more common errors. Some users in order to save money, ignore the safety, sorting those low prices, the quality is not guaranteed, the accident hidden bad wire and cable. We know that due to the safety of wire and cable and other factors, resulting in the price of wire and cable can not meet the requirements of some users. And some individual and private enterprises in the selection, production technology, testing methods and other aspects can not be manufactured to meet the national standard requirements of the wire and cable, its security will not be guaranteed, coupled with the article on the short run on rice, with its low price Full of the market, to meet some users. So please users do not want to cheap wire and cable.
   And some users wire and cable modeling improper. Some users of their own electrical use requirements, lack of understanding of environmental conditions, the use of wire and cable models, requirements, performance is not enough and often choose the wrong model. For example, a steel mill before the incinerator, its power is a motor, the furnace temperature up to 800 ℃ ~ 900 ℃, in such environmental conditions, because the plant on the wire and cable what special requirements Ignorant, so the choice of general general rubber flexible cable filling YC type, the results of the use of time is short, jacket was scorched. After the consultation, the choice of fire-resistant flame-retardant cable, reducing the replacement of the cable and economic losses to ensure the normal production of enterprises. Some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing centers, chemicals, public places of entertainment and staff concentration and other occasions, have to use fire-resistant fire-retardant or fire-resistant cable; coal regulations in the coal mine used in the deep wells must have flame retardant; There are such as elevator cables, welding machine cables, motor wiring, etc., have special performance requirements. These special requirements of the special wire and cable in the actual use of some enterprises, especially individual enterprises are often lack of understanding of them, refused to use; some companies ignore the coal ministry in the coal mine used in the deep wells must have the requirements of flame retardant, But the purchase of general general rubber soft cable; there are some karaoke OK, staff focus on the installation of some do not have the fire function of the general wire and cable, causing great hidden trouble.http://www.fuucable.com/