Outdoor Telephone Cable

Outdoor Telephone Cable

2 cores copper conductor PVC insulated H03VVH2-F electrical wire
Copper core pvc insulasted electric cable is a fine and ideal cable with conductor of plain annealed copper wires,solid or stranded.

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1.U0 /U:300/500V,450/750V
2.Standard Applied:IEC 60227,BS 6004,VDE0281,GB/T 5023,JB/T8734
3.Max.Operating Temperature:70°C,can be 90°C,105°C as per requirent
4.Conductor:Class 1/2 Plain Annealed copper wire,solid or stranded
6.Cores:Single core
7.Range of Nominal cross section:0.75~240sqmm
8.Jacket:Without Jacket
9.Color:Black,Brown,Grey,Blue,Green/Yellow or orthers on request
10.Flame ratardance,fire resistance and other property can be available
11.Packing:100 meter/roll or as per requirement

These cables are used for general purpose,as building wire for power, lighting and control wire to electrical appliances,suitable for use in conduit and for fixed,protected installation.The cable can be of flame ratardance,fire resistance and other property.


Structure and Technical Specifications
Conductor Insulation   Maximum Resistance At 20oC
Spec Conductor Diameter Nominal Nominal outer Ω/km
AWG Construction (mm) Thickness Diameter  
  No./φmm   (mm) (mm)  
30 7/0.102 0.3 0.4 1.1 381
28 7/0.127 0.38 0.41 1.2 239
26 7/0.16 0.48 0.41 1.3 150
24 11/0.16 0.61 0.4 1.4 94.2
22 17/0.16 0.76 0.42 1.6 59.4
20 26/0.16 0.94 0.43 1.8 36.7
18 41/0.16 1.18 0.46 2.1 23.2
16 26/0.254 1.49 0.46 2.4 14.6
14 41/0.254 1.88 0.41 2.7 8.96
12 65/0.254 2.36 0.42 3.2 5.64
10 105/0.254 3 0.45 3.9 3.546
1.About SPRING
Located in LINAN,HANGZHOU, Spring Electronics is a professional manufacturer of Speaker Cable,Alarm cable,Speaker Cable,TV Cable and fiber optic cables. We have more than 10 years' experience in producing communication cables and fiber optic cables. Since then we have been growing to become a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter of fiber optic products around the world.
2.Strict Quality Control System
We are ISO-9001 certified, and strictly follow the ISO procedures that we have set into place . We have an excellent QC process and department, and if an quality problem were to occur (though none have and we don’t anticipate any) you would simply return the product for a full refund.
For large orders, T/T , L/C, and E-credit lines are all offered. For small orders, credit-cards are accepted.
4.Shipping & Delivery
We will send the products within 10-25 days. We ship small batched by air, or large orders by container.  
5.Return and Warranty
All products have been tested before ship out All products have 5 years warranty. If there is no man-made problem ,we will replace or repair for you freely. We own the best after-sale service. If any problems happen ,our team will do our best to solve for customers. solve for customers.
6.Can you supply certificates?
Yes, certainly. We can supply numerous certificates including CE,ROHS, and patent certificates. Certification is normally done through globally-known testing houses such as SGS and Intertek.
7.Can we print a logo on the products?
Yes, any item can be delivered with a logo.
8.Can you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide you free samples, but you are willing to pay the freight. We guarantee that any sample of our existing products that is needed will be sent within 3 days If you need a proof sample, please contact our sales department directly and immediately to get a specific delivery quotation.
9.Can we order customized cable?
Of course yes.
10.How can I contact with your company?
Our sales team is ready to serve you via Email, Telephone , Fax  or MSN  You can reach us by below contact information: Tel: +86-0571-61075060 Fax:+86-0571-61075060