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What is an Ethernet Cable ?

An Ethernet cable is one of the most popular forms of network cable used on wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices together within a local area network, like PCs, routers, and switches.

Given that these are physical cables, they do have their limitations, both in the distance that they can stretch and still carry proper signals, and their durability. This is one reason there are different types of Ethernet cables; to perform certain tasks in particular situations.

What an Ethernet Cable Looks Like
There's a picture of a few Ethernet cable ends on this page. It resembles a phone cable but is larger and has more wires.

Both cables share a similar shape and plug but an Ethernet cable has eight wires and a larger plug than the four wires found in phone cables.

Ethernet cables of course plug into Ethernet ports, which again, are larger than phone cable ports. An Ethernet port on a computer is accessible through the Ethernet card on the motherboard.

Ethernet cables come in different colors but phone cables are usually just grey.