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  • CATV Male F type connector
CATV Male F type connector

CATV Male F type connector

  • Frequency Range: DC~1 GHz
  • Impedance: 75 Ω
  • Bodies: Brass /Nickel plated
  • Use:for broadcast and TV systems
  • Product description: CATV Male F type connector
Product Description:

CATV Male F type connector

F connectors, mating by a screw-lock mechanism (3/8’-32) are mainly used in 75ohms cable distribution for broadcast and TV systems especially in CCTV or analog TV, CATV, amplifiers, and branch distributors. They can be used in impedance matching or non-impedance matching signal transmission, with featuring easy fit,anti-vibration, reliable performance and least cost.

Key Performance
Temperature range -65~+165 Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ
Characteristic impedance 75Ω Dielectric Withstanding voltage 1500V(r ms)
Frequency range DC~1GHz Center conductor retention force ≥0.2 N
Durability(mating) 500 Cycles
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Straight ≤1.20
Right angle Right angle  ≤1.30
Material And Plating
Body Brass , nickel plated
Pin contact Brass , gold or silver plated
Resilient contact Tin bronze, gold or silver plated
Insulators PTFE
Gaskets Silicon rubber
Crimp ferrules Copper alloy ,  nickel or gold plated