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What is POC & how to choose the right cable for POC?

What is POC & how to choose the right cable for POC?

Spring Electronics will give professional answer for you.


POC, referred to as Power over Coax, transmits both video and electrical power over a single coaxial cable(RG59 or similar:

By eliminating separate camera power suppliers, HDCVI POC technology further simplifies HDCVI system deployment, therefore reducing time and cost.

PoC can be used on cable runs up to 200 metres and is available in 4,8 and 16 channel DVRs (models ending /P), a full complement of TVI PoC cameras are also available (models ending E) which together offer a cost effective and time saving solution to your TVI installations. 

Who is the best RG59 or similar cable supplier for POC systems?

The right answer isSpring Electronics.


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