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  • HIFI OFC Copper High End Speaker Cable
HIFI OFC Copper High End Speaker Cable

HIFI OFC Copper High End Speaker Cable

  • Conductor:Copper/CCA
  • MOQ:20KM
  • Use:in audio systerm
  • Packing: roll, wooden spool, carton, pallet
  • Product description: HIFI OFC Copper High End Speaker Cable
Product Description:

HIFI OFC Copper High End Speaker Cable

The conductor size of this type cable changes between 0.5mm² and 4.00 mm² . They show high performance in audio band..


Flexible LOUD SPEAKER CABLE cable are used in connecting for audio appliances,home appliances,small eectric tools and instruments.

connecting power amplifier and broadcasting systems,for transmitting the audio signals amplified by the amplifier.


4AWG,8AWG,10AWG, 12AWG, 14AWG, 16AWG, 18AWG,20AWG,22AWG

Conductor Material:

  • OFC:Oxygen Free Copper

TC:Tinned Copper

BC:Bare Copper

CCA:Copper Clad Aluminum

TCCA:Tinned Copper Clad Aluminum

CCS:Copper Clad Steel

Jacket Material:

Black&Red PVC

Common specifications for reference:

Normal area (mm²)


Diameter (mm)

2x0.24mm2 2x30/0.10 2.1x4.3 14
2x0.4mm2 2x50/0.10 2.3x4.6 18
2x0.5mm2 2x64/0.10 2.4x4.8 20
2x0.6mm2 2x80/0.10 2.6x5.3 25
2x0.75mm2 2x96/0.10 2.7x5.5 27
2x0.8mm2 2x100/0.10 2.8x5.5 28
2x1mm2 2x7x18/0.10 3.1x6.1 34
2x1.5mm2 2x7x27/0.10 3.4x6.8 45
2x2mm2 2x7x36/0.10 3.8x7.5 58
2x2.5mm2 2x7x46/0.10 4.0x8.1 70
2x4mm2 2x7x72/0.10 4.6x9.3 100
2x6mm2 2x7x110/0.10 5.4x10.9 145
2x0.4mm2 2x13/0.20 2.3x4.6 18
2x0.5mm2 2x16/0.20 2.4x4.8 20
2x0.6mm2 2x19/0.20 2.6x5.2 24
2x0.75mm2 2x24/0.20 2.7x5.5 27
2x0.8mm2 2x26/0.20 2.8x5.5 29
2x1mm2 2x32/0.20 2.9x5.8 33
2x1.5mm2 2x48/0.20 3.2x6.4 44
2x2mm2 2x64/0.20 3.4x6.9 55
2x2.5mm2 2x7x11/0.20 4.0x7.9 67
2x4mm2 2x7x18/0.20 4.6x9.2 100
2x6mm2 2x7x27/0.20 5.4x10.8 142
2x20AWG 2x41/0.12 2.4x4.9 21
2x18AWG 2x65/0.12 2.8x5.6 29
2x16AWG 2x7x15/0.12 3.3x6.6 22
2x14AWG 2x7x23/0.12 3.8x7.6 28
2x12AWG 2x7x37/0.12 4.4x8.7 36
2x10AWG 2x7x59/0.12 5.2x10.3 48
2x8AWG 2x7x95/0.12 6.2x12.4 195